Smokin’ Dolorés' Valentine's Day Chair and Burlesque Dance Workshop

No dance experience required! Bring a touch of glamour with heels and comfortable attire (heels/shorts/pants), and feel free to bring scarves or gloves for added flair.

Date/Time: Saturday, Jan. 27 from 2:30pm-5:30pm

Intro to Sacred Sexuality with Laurin Wolf

We will explore the foundations of Sacred Sexuality as well as share and break down our conditioned cultural beliefs around sexuality being taboo or even dangerous. And instead, find empowered truth and connection to ourselves as both sensual and sexual.

Date/Time: Saturday, Feb. 17 from 1:30pm - 3:30 pm

Real Women Inspiring, Motivating and Empowering Real Women!

Welcome to Brass Belles Aerial Fitness Studio! Our mission is to help women feel at ease expressing their femininity and reaching their fitness potential. Brass Belles provides an encouraging and thrilling environment to get you feeling your best!  Our studio is built, and our instructors are trained, to suit the needs and abilities of all women, encouraging you to progress at your own pace. We promise our fitness sessions will have you grinning and spinning.

Why Try Aerial Fitness?

Looking for a unique and exciting way to get fit and have fun? Look no further than our aerial fitness studio! Aerial fitness involves using aerial fabric, pole dance, dance movements, and acrobatics. Not only is it a great way to challenge and strengthen your body, but it can also improve your flexibility and coordination. Plus, it's a fabulous form of stress relief and a fun way to exercise.

So why wait? Become a Badass Belle and join a community of empowering woman! With a variety of disciplines to choose from, including aerial yoga, aerial silks, and aerial hoop, there's something for everyone.

Register for classes today – your body (and mind) will thank you!

Belle Looking in Mirror
Boosts Self-Esteem
Women Holding Hands
Support and Inspiration
Empowering Woman
Join a Community of Strong Women
Dancing Woman
Get Fit and Have Fun Doing It